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What does that vanity plate say? Just like some song lyrics, vanity plates can be a mystery to everyone but the driver. They are debated on social media and even when we think we know what they say, the meaning behind it is probably a mystery. Getting a vanity plate may just be harder than picking your next tattoo - because you only have room for one. Host, Trista Polo, had a suspicion the vanity plates we drive by every day probably have interesting stories behind them...because of the roller coaster ride she took to land on her own. She sets out on PL8STORY Podcast, to share those stories with the world. Each episode, you’ll hear from drivers all over the Country. She has interviewed lots of plate owners so far, including Richard Pini of ElfQuest. If you would like to nominate a Plate owner (including yourself) just go to and fill out the Nomination form.

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