Plate 48 - B00URN5 with Trent Bray of Salt Lake City, UT


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This week we meet Trent Bray of Salt Lake City, UT. Trent is a husband of 12 years to a wife who's out of his league, father to 3 amazing kids, and a 3rd generation entrepreneur. Trent has an obsession for cars that started at age 3 and has only grown stronger since. He is so obsessed, all of his kids are named after Lotus cars. Before we got to the plate story, I needed Trent to decipher the plate. We had a great conversation including Trent's first venture, which began at the age of 6 plus we talked about his love of the Simpsons (does that help you read his plate?) Let's go find out about B00URN5 and the story behind it. Show notes and full transcript available at Enjoy this episode and want to buy me a cup of coffee?

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