Episode 11 - The Lester Street Murders - A Family Betrayal


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Ahhh! Siblings! Most of us butt heads as children with our brothers & sisters. 9 times out of 10, we usually grow close to these people as we mature & they're the only ones that understand how weird your parents are. However, not every sibling relationship grows to be close. Jessie and Cecil Dotson are a prime example of this. Join Christina and Mary as they discuss the horrific case of extreme family betrayal that took place in a family home at 722 Lester Street in Memphis, Tennessee. Please be advised this is a extremely heavy case that does involve the death of Children.
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Mary Bland
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Research Resource for this Episode :
A&E's The First 48 - Lester Street - Season 7 - Episode 6
If you're interested in hearing Lester Street survivor "CJ" tell his story 10 years later, Link is below:

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