Detrez Green /// Part 1 /// 525


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Detrez Green /// Part 1 /// 525

Part 1 of 2 On January 21st and 22nd of 2017, forty tornadoes touched down in just under forty eight hours in the state of Georgia. The strongest was an EF-3 tornado with winds of one hundred and fifty miles per hour. FEMA and the National Guard were called in to support the rescue efforts. Damage estimates were around one hundred million dollars. Fifteen people died in Georgia and five more in other southern states as a result of these twisters. When the EF-3 tornado hit the Piney Woods Estates Mobile Home Park, two parents claimed the storm took their two year old boy Detrez Green. Join us in the Garage as we take a look at the parents strange story and discuss what really happened to little Detrez.
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