Frankly Speaking | Desert and Mountain Golf: Whitlark and Van Dyke


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Golf in the desert and in the mountains offer unique experiences in dramatically visual arid environments. This episode of Frankly Speaking focuses on these unique management systems with experts in agronomy and pest management. Brian Whitlark, USGA Green Section Senior Agronomist in the Southwest and Adam VanDyke, owner and lead scientist at Professional Turf Solutions based in Utah. Brian and Frank speak frankly about managing desert golf courses in some of the last remaining areas in the US that winter overseed. Overseeding strategies, surface preparation, the Ryegrass Management System and of course water are big topics. Adam and Frank turn to pests and stress in the mountains. Lots of persistent challenges, emerging pests and managing turf in the mountains when abnormal becomes the new normal with warmer temperatures and less snow. As usual Frank is able to cover a lot of ground in a short time!

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