Fear is a Funny Thing


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Recently, in the midst of teeth grinding fear I realised it was not the event itself causing my sleepless nights it was the lead up to it. It was the ‘what ifs’ that stirred up those little fear gremlins into a frenzy.

I know this because during the event as we surfed down waves at twenty knots in the blackest of black nights, I spread my arms and felt like I was flying. I loved it!

I’m not scared! I should be scared.

I pondered that for a moment as the boat whooshed forward.

Well, you are a maritime trainer with many miles of commercial and recreational boating under your belt, you know you are in safe water, and you are with an incredible skipper and super strong boat, you’ve rescued many boats in much worse conditions than this as a Rescue Skipper.

I reflected on that. We do get caught up with in the what ifs, don’t we? Well, I know I do. The myriad of thoughts helped me grow in so many different ways.

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