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TV Tropes is a wiki dedicated to meticulously documenting recurring themes and plot devices across every kind of media. These tropes are each assigned 2011 Reddit meme names, even when it seems wildly inappropriate for the subject material. For example, did you know Schindler’s List has an example of the “Boom, Headshot” trope? Or that Amistad features a “Deadpan Snarker?” And while you probably know Mein Kampf uses the “Nazi Protagonist” trope, you may not have realized the Ku Klux Klan are what TV Tropes would calls "Big Damn Heroes" in Birth of a Nation. Using a TV Tropes page that shouldn't exist as a jumping off point, my guest(s) and I will reflect on the ups and downs of internet media criticism, media generally, and anything else in a fun freewheeling conversation.

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