Sunday Conversations with Dionne Nicholls - 5 Ways Subtly Toxic People Can Hinder Your Success


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They say one of the number one rules of success is surrounding yourself with POSITIVE PEOPLE. For many, it is not their drive, commitment or creativity that is holding them back from reaching their full potential, it's their RELATIONSHIPS! When you realize it's time to make some cuts, it's easy to spot the 'Overtly Toxic People' but what about the 'Nice Toxic People'? They are a little more difficult to weed out but just as necessary to truly make room for the abundance and prosperity that awaits you! Julia Cha, an Executive Coach, I follow brought this to light for me and I was blown away. Pod' up to find out how to level up with the 5 simple ways to detect and remove 'subtle toxicity' from your life!

Dionne Nicholls, Life Coach, TV Host, Speaker

Dionne Nicholls is the Founder of Live Your Best Life for You, a Life Coaching & Wardrobe Styling Service for busy moms, women seeking their purpose. She is the Host of the new inspirational YouTube series, What Gives You Life? and is a Brand Ambassador for the The 5-Minute Journal, the gratitude journal that changed her life.

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