Sunday Conversations with Dionne Nicholls - The Overwhelm Struggle is Real, 3 Quick Ways to Disrupt It.


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The struggle with overwhelm has been coming up a lot lately with my coaching clients and especially with my fellow entrepreneurs out there 'grinding' and 'making it happen'. They describe this feeling of not being able to get over a self-created hump which blocks them from their projects or goals forward. Very recently, a friend of mine who has become a leader in the Tax & Accounting space shared very vulnerably on social media that she was dealing with a bout of overwhelm and more than 400 people responded with a resounding, "Me too!" So this episode is for anyone who has ever felt they were sinking into the abyss of overthought, taken hostage in their heads and stuck in inaction --including me!! Pod' up and take note as I offer you 3 of my go-to strategies that I use personally and with my clients that get them out of their own way and back into moving their goals and dreams forward!

Dionne Nicholls, Life Coach, Speaker

Dionne Nicholls here! Founder of Live Your Best Life for You, a Life Coaching & Wardrobe Styling Service, Host of the new inspirational YouTube lifestyle series, What Gives You Life?, and podcast Sunday Conversations with Dionne Nicholls. I am also a big proponent of the power of gratitude and Brand Ambassador for The 5-Minute Journal.

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