EPISODE FIFTY: Two Guys Talking Rush/ Pt.2 w Bruce Gowers


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Continued... Hello Rush fans! Welcome to Episode 50 of the 2GTR podcast…the best of the best for all things RUSH! Guess what? Its our one-year anniversary and we got something really special lined up for you! It’s also the 40th anniversary of Moving Pictures this year and we wanted to celebrate both occasions somehow… so this is what we came up with. This week John continues his conversation with pioneer television/video director/producer Bruce Gowers…ever hear of him? Probably not…yet, I bet you have seen his work. Best known for his large-scale live music and event productions, Gowers started his career in his native United Kingdom, where his music video for Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" brought him international recognition, leading to his relocation to the U.S. in the late 1970s. His career includes a long line of credits for many legendary things including his time with Rush at Le Studio where he directed the Limelight and Tom Sawyer Videos. I am sure you remember those! All three of these incredible episodes will be up on Youtube eventually. However, if you are a true RUSH fan you will know exactly what we are talking about. Happy Birthday to us! Enjoy! John & Dan Endlessly Rocking… Please support the 2GTR podcast on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/twoguystalkingrush

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