119. An Interview with Chris Ruddenklau


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An interview with Chris Ruddenklau. Chris, colleague and old Japan hand, shares his teaching experiences in Thailand, Laos, and Japan. He is the coordinator of the JALT Teachers Helping Teachers (THT) Laos Program and plays an active role in the annual Laos TESOL conference. Just two teachers talking. Of course, afterwards, Charles shares his observation and analysis. Good stuff. JALT THT SIG Japanese Association for Language Teachers, Teachers Helping Teachers Special Interest Group http://thtjalt.bravesites.com Teachers Helping Teachers (THT) Laos http://thtjalt.bravesites.com/laos If you want to get in touch with Chris, just send an email to the show (twoteacherstalking@gmail.com) and we’ll hook you up.

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