Earth Destruction Directive 97 – Megalon And Gigan Are Friends


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“He’s programmed himself for survival!” I have said it before, and I will say it again, but when your movie has a robot who reprograms himself to grow giant, and it is not the craziest part of the movie, it must be Earth Destruction Directive! Break out your togas, because it is time for Godzilla vs Megalon! When atomic tests disturb the undersea kingdom of… wait for it… Seatopia, the only response to dispatch their insectoid war god, Megalon, along with his buddy Gigan! It’s up to the new white-meat babyface Jet Jaguar and the “top guy” himself, Godzilla, to save the day! Joining me on this episode is one of my closest friends, and noted Megalon fanboy, Joe Butler! Plus: the return to EDD of BIKINI GIRLS! Face it, you can’t afford NOT to listen!

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