3rd Degree Byrne Episode 77: Uncanny X-Men #142


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Is anybody up for a BBQ?

What is on the menu?

Deep Fried Canadian! Cutlery is provided.

Seriously now, 3rd Degree Byrne continues our coverage of the Days of Future Past storyline by completing the second half of the story when we go over X-Men 142. That is right; Brian Hughes, Tim Elliott, Kirk Greenfield, John Hijatt and David Thompson pull out all the stops on this one. We discuss time travel mechanics, the meaning of Rachel Summers existence in the story, Kate Pryde and her possible futures (or pasts) and how exactly do you kill an organic steel Russian?

We hope you enjoy the coverage of the end.

But the end of what? Did it end at the end or did it end at the end of the beginning?

Ohh, I’m gonna need some Tylenol.

All I have here is that Sentinel brand BBQ sauce.

Well slather it on and enjoy as 3rd Degree Byrne covers X-Men 142 “Mind out of Time!”

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