Encore: Bicycling Boom - Keeping Up With Pandemic-Fueled Demand


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This is an encore edition of Under the Radar with Callie Crossley. This segment originally aired June 19th, 2020.

A bicycling boom that emerged during the height of pandemic is still going strong, as people search for a socially distanced outlet for recreation and a safer mode of transportation. Most bike stores are besieged by the demand from would-be bike buyers for just about anything on two wheels. Mechanics, too, are overwhelmed by massive waitlists of customers’ requests for a tune-up on their old bikes -- some of which have been dragged out from the basement for the first time in years.

Three local cycling experts gave us the low-down on how a 19th century wheeled invention is leaving a lot of modern-day Teslas in the dust.


Marty Miserandino, owner, manager, and buyer of Fit Werx, a top rated bicycle store and bike fitting studio in Peabody, Massachusetts.

Tom Rodi, marketing director for Parlee Cycles, a bicycle manufacturer based in Beverly, Massachusetts.

Becca Wolfson, executive director of the Boston Cyclists Union.

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