Life After COVID? Futurists Discuss A Post-Pandemic World


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It's been one year since Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker declared a state of emergency, sending most of us inside, and upending our lives in ways we couldn’t have imagined.
On this sobering anniversary, Bay Staters are pausing to reflect on how living with COVID changed them. Universities and archivists are already curating last year’s memories and memorabilia for history, but how do experts who study the future assess how our lives have been changed? What will our world look like in the days and years post pandemic?
The experts who study what’s to come are called futurists. These professionals look forward, weighing the immediate and long term impact of everyday events and huge crises, like COVID 19.
Erica Orange - executive vice president and chief operating officer of The Future Hunters – based in New York.
Alison Sander - director of Boston Consulting Group’s Center for Sensing & Mining the Future.

Later in the show:
Millions of Americans are documenting this past year of pandemic life in journals, diaries, and songs. In Cambridge, some residents gave voice to their experiences in a unique way - capturing this period in their lives in a play produced by the Multicultural Arts Center, “Cambridge: Our Town Our Stories.” Created in the style of Thornton Wilder’s 1938 classic drama, “Our Town,” which explores the fictional experiences of everyday small town living, Cambridge's version is based on the experiences of residents during a year of global pandemic. No fiction here, theirs are authentic reflections of a scary and uncertain time.
Ken Field - Cambridge-based saxophonist
Theodora Skeadas - director of small business advocacy for the nonprofit Cambridge Local First
Jeff Robinson - musician and web developer.

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