09: 6 Tips If You Suspect Someone is Struggling with an Eating Disorder


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Welcome to another episode of the Understanding Disordered Eating podcast. In this episode, I wanted to share with you six tips if you suspect a loved one is struggling with an eating disorder. These tips will help us be more educated and be better support for our friends or family who might be experiencing an eating disorder.

Make sure to tune in until the end and check out the links below for more resources. Hope you’ll learn something from this episode and I hope these tips will help!

[00:01 - 01:35] Opening Segment

  • I introduce our topic for this episode
  • Helping our friends/family who might have an eating disorder
  • Identify the kind of relationship you have with this person

[01:36 - 11:51] 6 Tips

  • First: Ask them, talk to them
    • Tell them what you see but not in a judgemental way
    • Be specific and reassure that you are supporting them
  • Second: Ask them if are open to getting more help
    • Ask them how you can help in the process of finding a provider
    • See resources in the links below
    • Feel free to reach out to me through the links below
  • Third: Be the support system
  • Fourth: You are not the treatment team
    • Being upfront if there are concerns
    • Stay as their friend
  • Fifth: Do your own research
  • Sixth: Practice what you preach

[11:52 - 12:32] Closing Segment

  • Reach out to me if you have questions
    • Check out links below
  • Final words

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“The main point is that we want to help the person struggling and not make them feel uncomfortable or defensive. So we have to do this kind of strategically.” - Rachelle Heinemann

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