EP25: A German at a British Boarding School feat. Clemens


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Imagine moving to a foreign country to go to a boarding school where you don’t speak the language fluently - and all of this at the age of thirteen! To many, that would sound like a nightmare but this week’s guest did so willingly and even stayed to complete his schooling there! Clemens is Josh’s previous flatmate in Munich and agreed to join us for this week’s episode to share his experiences of having gone to a British boarding school. From school uniforms, athletics and boarding school culture, we loved getting to pick his brain and learn about this unique subculture of British education. We hope that you all enjoy hearing his story and getting a perspective on schooling that is completely different than what we have shared in the past!

Clemens' YouTube channel▸https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMxl9_vH3a_5UM37W7D1aWw Last week's episode▸https://youtu.be/KeHEz5_7MoU Episode with Hien▸https://youtu.be/cjBPnIXK60U Episode with Jay▸https://youtu.be/S29Xel4R2wk

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