EP8: Christmas Traditions in the US vs. Germany (Are St. Nikolaus and Santa Claus the same?!)


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Lighting a candle each Sunday, opening a "door" every morning, and putting a shoe in front of your door on December 5th? These are some of many many German Christmas traditions that we talk about in this episode. And, of course, we talk about how Christmas is celebrated differently in the US where you'll see Santa Claus at the mall, stockings on the fireplace, and fake Christmas trees popping up everywhere as early as November. Grab some tea, eggnog, or Glühwein, and dive into the wonderful world of Christmas with us. :)

++We’d like to apologize for the echo that you can hear on the recording in some parts, we hope it doesn’t bother you too much while listening. Also, Feli got some of the dates wrong in this episode: Of course, Heilige Drei Könige is on January 6th (not Dec 6th) and the second Christmas Day is on December 26th (not 24th).++

0:00 Intro | 8:55 Advent time in Germany | 17:32 Christmas Decorations | 26:45 Advent calendars | 31:32 Christmas songs | 34:51 The Christmas Pickle | 35:58 St. Nikolaus & Krampus/Knecht Ruprecht | 45:30 Who brings the presents? Santa Claus/Christkind/Weihnachtsmann | 56:16 Other Christmas customs in the US | 01:01:19 Baking (gingerbread, cookies) | 01:04:56 Christmas Eve in Germany | 01:15:46 Christmas Eve & Day in the US | 01:27:01 Heilige Drei Könige (Three wise men) | 01:28:18 Christmas Markets | 01:33:33 Outro

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