14-Body Image Healing for Health Professionals


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78% of professionals have said they are struggling with their own body image.

8% of you have said you were at peace with your body.

That’s the result of our yearly survey within our professional community.

That’s how this new podcast episode was born.

From a need for our community to do their personal work with body image because the only way you can effectively coach other women into healing their body image is for you to heal your own first.

Just like we see on our client population struggling with poor body image has a wide range of effects in all aspects of our life including our business:

  • Lack of confidence to show up to market your business
  • Questioning yourself all the time
  • Think something is wrong and or your business
  • No big ambitious plan for your business
  • Playing small
  • Perfectionism trying to make for your own perceived flaws
  • Fixated on the appearance of your business instead of bodywork
  • Difficult time doing hard things
  • ….

Ready to learn what you need to do to heal your body image as a health professional so that you can lead thousands of women?

PS: I think this is one of my best podcasts! 😀

What you'll learn listening to this episode on body image healing for health professionals
  • Why we struggle with body image
  • The impact of not being liberated from body image to you personally and on your business
  • Why helping and coaching women through body image healing isn't about the how...
  • The stages of healing body image
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