16-Anti-Diet Q&A


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This is going to be a fun episode…

I’m answering 25 questions our listeners have submitted. Short to the point answer on all subjects related to the anti-diet approach…

You’ll get an answer for each of these 25 non-diet approach & business questions.

  1. You keep referring to PROs... I’m a health coach so I’m not a professional right?
  2. How do I make money as a non-diet coach? How do I create a stable income so I have no doubt in my income?
  3. Simple marketing process, please…
  4. How to convince my clients this is the right approach?
  5. How do I reassure my clients that it’s ok not to diet?
  6. I can’t launch my BIZ until I’m perfect in my IE and BI?
  7. How do I figure out my ideal client and how do I speak to them?
  8. How to answer body image questions?
  9. Because of COVID, people aren’t willing to buy anything, should I wait to launch my BIZ?
  10. Scope of practice?
  11. I’ve never been on a diet but I eat whole food and organic food. Or do I make healthy choices normally? Can I teach intuitive eating?
  12. How do I find a scientific way to promote IE?
  13. How do I incorporate nutrition science in IE?
  14. Outline a 1-1 session with a client?
  15. How do you present a problem to a client without being insensitive?
  16. I’m afraid they are going to think I think it’s all in their head?
  17. How much free stuff do I need to give?
  18. How do I use my communication to get more clients?
  19. Quality versus quantity marketing?
  20. How do I get myself out there?
  21. How do I get my clients to see value in me as a coach?
  22. Covid is making things challenging? Nothing I can do…
  23. I have a tendency to make things complicated… how do I resist it?
  24. I’m on social media and nothing is happening… Why?
  25. If a client doesn’t reach her goals, what does it mean about me as a coach?

Ready? Let’s do this Non-Diet Q&A!

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