24-Navigating the Medical Provider Relationship with Maggie Landes, MD


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As non-diet professionals and coaches, it is not uncommon for us to hear from our clients that they are afraid of having their weight brought up with their medical provider, especially from our clients living in larger bodies who are most directly affected by medical weight stigma.

When we have the right tools as professionals, we can coach our clients to create equality with their medical provider, establish consent (or non-consent), decline being weighed unless absolutely necessary, and empower them to be the leader of the conversation with their medical provider.

What you’ll learn listening to this episode:
  • The gaps in healthcare that perpetuate weight stigma
  • 3 ways to decline being weighed at the doctor’s office
  • How to re-enter the healthcare system after experiencing weight stigma
  • Navigating the client-provider relationship & informed consent
  • Debunking common myths about weight and health
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