Episode 15: Low Stress Animal Handling (A.K.A. Fear Free) with Dr. Katie Berlin


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In this episode Dr. Francke and guest Dr. Katie Berlin discuss a topic that has absolutely transformed the practice of veterinary medicine for the better for you and your pet!

Drs. Francke and Berlin are both Fear Free Certified Practitioners, having completed all additional education and testing to achieve this title.

Recent advances in the understanding of animal behavior have led many hospitals to adopt techniques of animal handling to accomplish everything that needs to be done to care for the medical and surgical needs of your pet, while greatly reducing or even eliminating the fear, anxiety and stress of the visit. Most pets will even LOVE going to the veterinarian, when these techniques are employed!

Drs. Francke and Berlin give a broad overview of what a fear free visit entails, including preparation for the visit, minimizing stress of transportation to the hospital, and use of high-value food treats, gentle handling, calming pheromones, anti-anxiety medications, and enrichment of the veterinary hospital environment to create the absolute best experience for your pet, while they receive the best veterinary care available.

Veterinary visits will never be the same when these techniques are employed and that’s a very, very good thing for your pet, you, and everyone that works on the veterinary team!!

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