LIVE Q&A SERIES // Kids saying “Bad Mommy”, hurting their siblings, bickering, clingy, doing gross stuff, won’t share


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Welcome back to our LIVE Q&A SERIES on the podcast through the rest of the year, using the audio from our weekly Instagram LIVE videos. A few of the topics we cover this episode:

- Kid saying “bad mommy” when parent gets home with no binary talk at home
- Mom not at her best with new baby + 3 kids, how to show up?
- Kids hurting each other and parent can’t get there in time
- Clingy 3.5 yo who wont’ leave parent alone or gets into all the things
- Kid doing “gross” things like burping in sibs’ face, picking nose etc.
- Twin 9yo always bickering and fighting
- 5yo niece says “shut up!” when being babysit
- 5yo melts down when time runs out for game when shoes aren’t on
- 2yo clashes with bestie about sharing
- Sons are RUDE - how to help them become respectful humans?
- What to do when we hear a threat come out and we want to take it back?

Tune in and connect on our LIVE Q&As, every Tuesday AND Thursday at 5PM PST on Instagram. Catch up on past LIVE session on our IGTV tab. As always, we laugh, we cry, we lean in… join us!

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