LIVE Q&A // Kids spitting, sassing, defiant, breaking consent, parents struggling to self-regulate


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Welcome back to our LIVE Q&A SERIES on the podcast through the rest of the year, using the audio from our weekly Instagram LIVE videos.
A few of the topics we cover this episode:

- Spirited 4 yo hates circling back - starts spitting
- 17 mo frustrated and has no words to explain
- 5 yo sassing parents all the time
- 6 yo with low emotional intelligence
- Spirited 5 yo hard on little twin sibs
- "Oppositional defiant" kid
- Parent's sib judges her emotion coaching
- How to self reg to support kids
- When we can't be patient with kids
- Overwhelm w/ 4 kids + how to self-protect
- How to apologize to your kid?
- How to catch yourself before screaming
- 5 yo urges 3 yo to misbehave
- 5 yo roleplaying in an unhelpful way
- 4 yo steals everything from 17 mo
- 5 yo constantly grabbing 11 mo
- 2.5 yo running from getting dressed
- Parent burnt out from kid resistance

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