LIVE Q&A // Resistant kids, triggered parents, caregiver clashes, strong-willed temper tantrums


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Welcome back to our LIVE Q&A SERIES on the podcast where we use the audio from our weekly Instagram LIVE videos. A few of the topics we cover this episode:

- Alignment as a progressive parent

- Feeling triggered a parent

- Kid won't give up their pacifier habit

- How to build collaboration skills w/ kids

- Problematic caregivers

- Apologizing + circling back

- Parenting differently on your cycle/period

- Preverbal, strong-willed toddler

- 15 mo "temper tantrums", hurting self

- Needs vs Behaviors

- Self-awareness vs Socialization

- Fierce 3 yo resists EVERYTHING, tries to destroy sibling's toys

- Kid flipping out over new haircut

- Circle Back vs Grill Back

- Alternatives to praising our kids

Tune in and connect on our LIVE Q&As, every Tuesday AND Thursday at 5PM PST on Instagram. Catch up on past LIVE session on our IGTV tab.

As always, we laugh, we cry, we lean in… join us!

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