LIVE Q&A // Taming Your Triggers! Convo w/ Jen Lumanlan of Your Parenting Mojo


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We loved connecting with Jen Lumanlan of Your Parenting Mojo about ways we can tame our triggers in the toughest moments with our kids. Learn more about the amazing elements of her upcoming workshop HERE! We are so excited to begin with you on March 1st, so make sure to register by Feb 28!

A few topics we cover with Jen about taming triggers:

- Are triggers all because of our kids’ behavior?
- When will kids grow out of these behaviors?
- What is “re-parenting”?
- Is it reasonable to ask our kids not to trigger us?
- What is the actual definition of “being triggered”?
- Big T trauma vs Small T trauma AND The trauma of unmet needs
- Feeling triggered vs feeling flooded
- How trauma is passed on to our kids (epigenetically + parenting)
- How do triggers show up? Fight, flight, freezing, fawning
- How early trauma shows up in our bodies as adults and how to work through those somatic symptoms
- Why we can feel so guilty about our behaviors when triggered
- Why is self-compassion so hard?
- Is it ok to apologize for your triggers to your kid?
- How we can live beyond the script in greater alignment with our values
- What to expect from the Taming Your Triggers Workshop
- Why group support while working on triggers is so vital

Learn more about the amazing elements of Jen's upcoming Taming Your Triggers workshop HERE! We are so excited to begin with you on March 1st, so make sure to register by Feb 28!

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