RESIST Q&A // My kids resist screen time limits and I’m at a loss


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Today we hear from a parent who is at the end of her rope with battles over escalating screen time with her two sons, age 6 and 10. How can we set limits without over-controlling, pulling the parent card or getting intense pushback to the rules? We explore power, control, attunement, independent play, family agreements, loving limits, and some alternatives to screen time itself.

We also chat ways to bravely engage through respectful negotiations as we support big feelings and redefine resistance for our family and beyond. We laugh, we cry, we lean in… join us!

Today’s episode shoutout is the Raising Rebels Podcast, hosted by Noleca Radway. Each episode features courageous conversations with real parents who are encouraging their children to be fully themselves in a society that doesn’t always celebrate them. Raising Rebels tackles everything from sexuality and race, to co-parenting and money, all with the goal of raising liberated children.

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