RESIST Q&A // My spirited kid verbally abuses us and I’m worried


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Today we hear from a parent who is exhausted from navigating the persistent frustrations, anger and big feelings of her spirited daughter. She worries about the possibility of her daughter ALWAYS being like this, as well as the impact of her big outbursts on the wellbeing and behavior of her younger brother. We explore temperaments, stress, kids’ brains, boundaries, empathy, acceptance and why OUR BELIEFS ARE EVERYTHING.

We also chat ways to lean in to our kids’ big feelings, rudeness, harsh words, anger and frustration with bravery, boundaries, empathy and the understanding that IT’S ALL GOOD. We laugh, we cry, we lean in… join us!

Today’s episode shoutout is The Parenting Decolonized podcast, which shines a light on how colonization has impacted the Black family structure and explores ways to use conscious parenting as activism against white supremacy. Host and conscious parenting coach Yolanda Wiliams and her guests discuss how to raise liberated Black children without breaking their spirits. We so far have loved episodes with Trina Greene Browne on Parenting for Liberation, Krissy Coggins of Krissy’s Couch on parenting consciously and Domari Dickinson on how to stop parenting from a place of fear.

Visit to become a patron and to learn more about the podcast and blog… and follow Yolanda on instagram @prntgdcolonized. Learn more in our show notes.

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