Ep 26 - No More or Less (Luke 17v1-10)


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In episode 26, we get stuck right in to the last section of Luke chapter 17, where Jesus breaks down some key principles for his disciples. He touches on a few different topics, including our role in relationships with others, the power of faith and our attitude towards the task given to believers. So what can we learn from the challenges Jesus’ sets? Is there really no such thing as ‘’more faith”? And how can we apply the principles that Jesus spoke about in our own lives and ministries? We'll be discussing these ideas and much more.

So grab your bible (or load it up on your device), read along with us, and then have a listen to what we've got to say. Who knows - maybe you’ll catch some 'Real Lightbulb Moments'!

As always, we'd love to know what you think and if there's any other lessons you caught, so feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section of our YouTube video for this episode: https://youtu.be/_0Lzr_noRlM


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