VREP #202 | The Boomer Bubble & the Next Housing Collapse with Laura Kusisto


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The next housing bubble may not burst, but rather the air might slowly seep out as 21,000,000+ homes hit the market over the next two decades. Looking for someone to blame? Look no further than the guy who - in his day - walked uphill to school and uphill back home in three feet of snow. And no, we are not talking about the greatest generation; we are talking about boomers. Reporter for The Wall Street Journal, Laura Kusisto, joins Adam & Matt to discuss how baby boomers are gearing up to sell one quarter of America's homes over the next twenty years. And, many of these homes don't align with the newer generations' wants and needs. What does this mean for the market? How will real estate in Vancouver, and Canada more generally, fair? And how should changing buying patterns inform urban planning and real estate investing? This episode will have you reminiscing about sock-hops, milkshakes, and hula-hoops. Stay groovy, Daddy-O!

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