VREP #229 | Buying A Vancouver Home Just Got A Lot Easier with Avesdo's Tyler Proud


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Let's face it: real estate hasn't changed all that much in decades. Sure, we lost the golden jackets, some of us the bus bench ads, and MLS is no longer an index in your trunk, but overall the process has largely remained the same. Enter Avesdo. This week, Avesdo and OffPlan's CEO, Tyler Proud joins Adam & Matt to explain how technology is finally changing the game. Want to buy a condo? Click here. Need to make a deposit? Add payment here. Want to review the disclosure statement? Yeah, you get the drift. Join us for a futuristic voyage into the not so distant future of our industry. Your next new condo investment is only a click away... a left click, Granny, not a right one.

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