Cultivating Mental Toughness with Lauren Johnson


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Mental Performance Coach and former Yankees Mental Conditioning Coordinator Lauren Johnson joins the pod to talk all things performative mindset. How to connect to your best self and remain present when the pressure is on. Sharing insight that not only athletes can lean on, but entrepreneurs, as well as anyone seeking to up their game in life can learn from. She dives into understanding what's required in order to be great, and knowing that how you prepare for today's challenges will not be the same as how you prepare for tomorrow's battles. Lauren in an expert in this arena and we cannot wait for you to hear from her!

3:00 - Lauren's story
10:10 - Victoria's 7 P's
11:30 - Yankee's Journaling
17:14 - Don't specialize too early
22:04 - Knowing what you sign up for
30:50 - Practicing Meditation
33:25 - WIN
37:18 - Temporary Worth

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