#60 Chris Packham: naturalist, television presenter, nature photographer and author


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In this episode – Viva! founder and director, Juliet Gellatley chats with naturalist and vegan, Chris Packham. Chris, who is best known and loved for his television work including the CBBC children's nature series The Really Wild Show, turned vegan in 2019. Recorded at Vegan Camp Out 2021, Chris discusses the climate crisis, species loss, factory farming and the power of veganism as a movement. Helen and Faye’s chat Viva!’ Head of Communications, Faye Lewis, joins Helen to breakdown the interview and expand on some of the topics discussed. This podcast is sponsored by Beer 52 who are offering Viva! supporters a FREE case of eight vegan craft beers. That is eight craft beers, free from any animal products, sourced and curated from the best breweries on the planet for FREE! (excl. delivery). Go to beer52.com/veganviva to find out more. ABOUT OUR SHOW You can hear this show via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and on lots of other apps and websites. Spread the word! Don’t forget to share us on Facebook and Twitter! Get the latest episode every month, straight to your mobile device or computer. It’s automatic and completely free. Copyright owned by Viva! Bristol 2021. Not for re-use without our written agreement. All featured music and content used by permission. Produced by Helen Wilson for Viva!.

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