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For folks out on the streets, those who were not lucky enough to get a Shelter In Place hotel room. It's been very, very brutal, not having access to water. A lot of the food sources were cut off not being able to use bathrooms in cafes, et cetera - Jennifer Friedenbach

Our featured voices in this episode are the Executive Director of the Coalition on Homelessness, Jennifer Friedenbach and Street Sheet Editor, Quiver Watts. In this episode we continue with our theme in featuring voices of nonprofit community leaders who are working on solutions for our thousands of un-housed neighbors, how the pandemic has impacted their work and what solutions they see coming out of the pandemic to support their work and the un-housed community members they work with.

To find out more about other nonprofits supporting our fellow un-housed community members please listen back to these informative and insightful interviews from our past shows please go to our special series on Covid-19's impact on nonprofits, small businesses and our local governments

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