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“It sends a message that we believe as a society that we are all better when we take care of each other” - Wayne Hazzard

In this episode our featured voice is the CoFounder and Executive Director of Dancers' Group Wayne Hazzard. The Dancers Group was born in the middle of the AIDS crisis has evolved over the decades as a service organization providing wrap around fiscal sponsorship programs and services to incubate and support artists,

To find out more about Dancers' Group and to In Dance publication, become a member, support one of the artists and or dance companies they fiscally sponsor support and donate to the COVID-19 Performing Arts Worker Relief Fund go to dancers' group dot org

Wayne mentioned his work with Theater Bay Area and the COVID-19 Performing Arts Worker Relief Fund. Please listen to Episode 12 and our interview with Rose Oser and Shafer Mazow from ZSPACE to find out more about the Performing Arts Worker Relief Fund. Wayne also spoke about his work with Intersection for the Arts to develop a multi-disciplinary space for arts organizations in San Francisco. Please listen to our interview with Allison Snopek and Randy Rollison from Intersections for the Arts in Episode 35 where we provided more details on the economics of arts and culture.

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