Miracle Message & San Francisco Marin Food Bank Update


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“These are people often who are experiencing homelessness, who use the ICU as a waiting room”- Kevin Adler

In this episode our featured voices are the Founder and CEO of Miracle Messages Kevin Adler and the Director of Community Engagement with the San Francisco Marin Food Bank Katy McKnight.

We are working on a full half hour show for next week’s KSFP broadcast on July 22nd with Kevin and two guests to discuss their pilot program Miracle Money which provides direct cash transfers to our un-housed community members. We thought it would be helpful if you had more background on Miracle Message so we’re rebroadcasting our interview with Kevin in episode one from the summer of 2020.

“Food insecurity is just one challenge that our participants face” - Katy McKnight

Our second voice is the Director of Community Engagement with the San Francisco Marin Food Bank Katy McKnight. Since the original broadcast of this interview the demand for food has continued to expand with San Francisco Marin Food Bank distributing 1 million 300 hundred thousand meals each week. The food bank is operating 27 emergency pop up pantries at schools and community centers to address the massive food in-security facing our neighbors and is distributing food to 55 to 60 thousand households. To help feed homebound seniors who used to visit San Francisco Marin Food Bank pantries for groceries they have created the Pantry at Home program to deliver food directly to nine thousand plus seniors.

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