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“ Two people came to us with actual instruments, from the holocaust that were played by their relatives.“ - Patricia Kristof Moy

In this episode our featured voice is Patricia Kristof Moy, the Executive Director of Music at Kohl Mansion.

Performing arts organizations generate a big percentage of their annual revenue through earned income in the form of ticket sales of live performances. Music at the Kohl Mansion is another legacy presenter of arts and culture that has lost 80% of its funding because of the one two punch of the Covid-19 pandemic and economic collapse of our performing arts sector. Patricia tells us how she and her team are transforming their intimate in person chamber music performances on to a global virtual stage

To purchase the Violins of Hope at Kohl Mansion album that was released on January 21st 2021 to coincide with the upcoming International Holocaust Remembrance Day and 76th Commemoration of the Liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau please go to pentatone music dot com and search for violins of hope to buy and download the album

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