Our Public Libraries in a Pandemic


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You don’t need a building to provide library services to your community - Jayanti

In this episode our featured voices are the founder of Common Knowledge Susan Stuart Clark, the Director of Library Services, of the Hayward Public Library Jayanti Addleman and the Library Director of the Redwood City Library Derek Wolfgram

Welcome to our one-hour special on the importance of public libraries to our communities and how the combination of the covid-19 pandemic and economic meltdown has impacted our libraries. In the process of developing this special episode, we reached out to friend of the show Susan Stuart Clark to help us bring together our wonderfully informative panel discussion and to cohost this special episode.

Please listen to the companion episode of this public library special in episode 10 with Lucie Faulknor and Dawn Logsdon the Cofounders of Serendipity Films about their documentary film free for all [pause] inside the public library. Go to serendipity films dot org and sign up for their newsletter to find out when free for all showings will be coming to your community

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