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Now we're seeing that through our programs and programs of other organizations that there's really this emphasis, that these are essential services that artists are providing for business owners, communities, and people, students, and anyone really, you can think of it's really important work - Karim Zelenka

Our featured voices are Justin Hoover the Director of Programs, and Karim Zelenka the Chief of Staff at Project Artivism.

Throughout our series we have been featuring arts and culture nonprofits that are working with the community to provide innovative solutions to the Covid-19 pandemic impact on our economy, health, and sense of community. Project Artivism is another wonderful example of using art as a vehicle to bring together artists, youth, business, philanthropy and the public to drive change in our community.

To find out more about Artivism’s Restore 49 and Artivate Public Art Now programs and get engaged as a volunteer, artist, mentor, and business that would like to host an art project please go to Project Artivism dot org

To find out more about arts impact on our economy please check out the Otis College just published a 2021 report on Covid-19’s impact on the Creative Economy in the state of California.

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