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"I think there's a big learning about like the fragility and humanity and all our interactions. Right. And recognizing that we all belong to each other" - Nils

In this episode we wanted feature the voice of a legacy social service organization that’s approach to providing a hand up to our low-income and unhoused community members is that of seeing them as guests and walking with them on their journey. Over the past 70 years, St Anthony’s has been providing a holistic approach to supporting families and individuals in the Tenderloin community. Our featured voice is the Chief Executive Officer of St Anthony’s Nils Behnke. To find out more about St Anthony’s programs as well as getting engaged as a volunteer, or to donate clothing or make a donation please go to saint anthony s f dot org and to support the golden gate greenway project please go golden gate green way dot org

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Nils mentioned Lava Mae providing public showers. To find out more about lava mae we hope that you will listen back to our interview with Doniece Sandoval and Kris Kepler of LavaMaeX in episode 3. We also spoke about the Guppio Project at St Bonafice that provided sacred sleep to homeless community members until the pandemic shut it down in spring of 2020. To find out more about the Guppio Project and sacred sleep please listen to our interview with Shannon Eizenga, of The Gubbio Project in episode 7

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