Stern Grove Festival


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"We made the commitment that even with an expected deficit, we want to give this gift to the city. It's so necessary for the community to come back together" - Ilan Vasconcelos

In this episode we feature the voice of the Director of Development of Stern Grove Festival Ilana Vasconcelos. With the State of California officially reopening on June 15th of 2021 and performing arts organizations working their way through all of the ever changing health and safety protocols we wanted to feature one of the oldest outdoor music festivals in the City of San Francisco to hear how they’re working together with artists, staff and the local government, to bring the community back together through music.

How has Covid-19 impacted other musical events? Listen back to our interview with Cory of InterMusicSF Melody from San Francisco Performances, Patricia from Music at Kohl Mansion as well as Julie from Community Music Center Also please go to our series page to listen to all of the wonderful interviews with dozens of arts and culture organizations in the SF Bay Area.

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