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"We do whatever it takes to strengthen and advocate for children, families, and adults to realize their hopes, behavior, health, and well being"- Faith Jackson

In this episode, our featured voice is the Transitional Housing Program Supervisor of Uplift Family Services Faith Jackson. The focus of this week’s show is on how the covid-19 pandemic is impacting our youth and the nonprofit organizations that provide support services to help youth through this crisis.

To find out more about Uplift Family Services and to support Foster Youth with gift cards and donating suitcases as well as their other programs go to up lift fs dot org

For more insights into how our youth are being impacted by the pandemic and how our nonprofits are supporting our youth through the pandemic please listen to our interview with the Executive Director of the Huckleberry Youth Programs Doug Styles, in Episode 19, Charles Lerner the Executive Director and Demaree Miller the Program Manager of At the Crossroads in episode 29 along with the Chief Program Officer Justine Underhill and the Director of Advancement Gregg Biggs from Edgewood Center for Children and Families in episode 54

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