Why digital transformation has always been about voice, with Frank Schneider, CEO, Speakeasy AI


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Have you misunderstood the aims of your digital transformation programme?

So much time, money and effort is spent on rebuilding websites, launching apps, managing social media, all to try and prevent customers from calling your contact centre and costing you money.

All of this to prevent 'avoidable contact'.

Yet, they still call.

The question should be 'why don't you want to talk to your customers?' There isn't a better way to foster deeper relationships that to have a conversation.

We chat to Speakeasy AI CEO, Frank Schneider, about just that. We find out more about how you can benefit from talking to your customers, and how you can do it without messing about with websites and apps. How you can do it with voice AI.

We also chat in detail about Speakeasy AI's patent for Speech-to-Intent technology and how this excels the customer experience of voice AI and conversational automation.

This is Frank Schneider's hat trick on VUX World. Our only guest so far to return three times on the show. For the regular listeners of the show, you'll be familiar with Frank's charisma and knowledge already. And for those new to VUX World, you can check out our previous insight-packed conversations with Frank here:

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