EP-07: Your Weekend Bender: Answering ALL of your Questions


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I've put together a weekend bender episode (I almost wrote recipe!) haha a weekend collection of all of your juicy questions + some of these may be tomes you want and might need to hear! Sometimes the Universe sends you notes or signs you need to hear, without you knowing it... welcome Wabi Wabi Weekend Bender:

Here's what I answered for you: I want you to thrive, feel like you fit-in and you are part of my community:) always!

- How to get your business going + connected to a bigger network: tips on not getting discouraged

- The classic "style" I wear + who I'm not a fan of "fast fashion"

- Miso + Matcha notes: if you don't like these ingredients what to do!?

-Notes on being single + how to enjoy this one life the way you want to live!

- Relationships + How I feel about them: allow me to help you -- may the best man/woman win

- How to find your life's purpose: your "Ikigai" in life. How to do you.

- Who my work wives are: aka most supportive podcasting girls ever!

(Rosie + Sahara!!)

- How I worked to become the "golden girl of wellness" - a happy accident.

- Wellness + Beauty + Cooking Tips, forever - my trifecta!

- Smoothie questions! + apple cider vinegar tips

- We are a community: want your q's answered by a real deal hustler//artist? -- write in my latest IG post:

Follow my work + allow me to answer your life's burning questions: @CandiceKumai

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