EP 09 - My Resume is my CLAPBACK 👏


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I bless the rains in Africa, and this will all make sense in today's pod: Let's get adventurous!: My Resume is my Clapback.

No time wasted bickering here... only work and good quality work: How to be a better person + learn, stay chill + grow, giving to others and flourishing your life's romance --- your resume stands strong and nobody can take that away from you.

Build it.

Grow it.

Stay consistent AF.

Romance that shit.

Check your ego at the door.

Im tired and I don't feel like writing tonight lollzzz its 12 midnight + I gotta be up for the Today Show -- cuz I'm real AF.

-- go listen to it bitches xxx ck

+ buy this book dude: Kintsugi Wellness

and thank you for being the loves of my life x

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