EP 13- 💵 CA$H MONEY💵: 💲The Financial Survival Guide for Millennials💲: How to turn stacks💵 + biz when you don't come from privilege


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You wanna make stacks right? + you think you're gon be rich? Like and make more $$ than mom and dad?
Yep, that's what it says us millennials think...

After crushing a bi-coastal business as a small solo female bis owner..I have a much more realistic grasp on the matter. However, I'm still in the middle and, I'm in this long-haul game with you.

Here's what we will chat on in EP 13 betches:

  • Privilege vs Pay -- why the free stuff is just as important and it is what it is, priceless.
  • Stop being so entitled and acting like you're owed anything.
  • Learn to embrace the ebb and flow of small business finances.
  • Just start! - Look up: S Corporation + LLC's versus working off a W9 forever. Why? -- ownership, tax write offs, respect, freedom.
  • Pay off your credit card each month (duh) this is so basic.
  • Pay your rent on time each month (again, basic).
  • Opening an IRA account (mutual funds)
  • Opening a SEP IRA account (mutual funds) with
  • Hiring a legit CPA or Financial Advisor
  • Hiring a lawyer, when necessary//needed
  • Why a savings account is legit necessary
  • Prepare for your taxes each year, get responsible.
  • How I overcame small, shit-talking people on my team + basically -- worked my way forward, with grace and skills. BYE!
  • How to learn to embrace the struggle of small business + take the leap of faith --- working in your PJs or undies is the best thing, ever.

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