EP 17- 🗽10 Things I Learned Legit Making it in NYC on my Own 🗽


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Eight years ago, September 2010:
I packed up one suitcase + I moved to NYC, I had nothing except my smile, my character & my consistent hard work.

I slay all day, even when shit got tough, I stood up with grace.
8 Straight Never Took One Break
Welcome the Ten things I learned "making it in NYC"
  1. Be gracious, honour yourself first + you'll better be able to honour all others
  2. Remember people will hurt you, grace and resilience will be key
  3. Expect nothing from anyone -- no hand outs
  4. Play hard, play fair, always be honest
  5. Patience is the highest virtue: it will take a great deal of both time and $$$
  6. You will gain friends and lose some - learn from this.
  7. Try to do mostly the things that you love + that make you feel good + make time to be bad-- date all the men/women you want, stay out late, never a regret
  8. Surround yourself with the smartest people you know, drop the dead weight + watch out for social climbers
  9. Never ever change, because who you are is so so brilliant and so special basic is so so boring -- please don't compare
  10. Gaman - to endure with grace and resilience is your secret weapon
  11. BONUS: Remind yourself why you do this - for me it is to help others -- please be in the present as much as you can
  12. BONUS: if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere- its true, Frank! Now, get out there, share this pod with two friends! POST it on IG!! Go make something incredible with your one life! xxx 20 days, NY NY xx ck

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