EP 28 - What's REALLY Important 🙏 yo? Listen for it 🎧


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taking a break from NY to travel +restart my perspective on life wasn’t easy: gratefully, I’ve found, it’s been worth it. here’s what I’ve learned so far + hope this can help you on your next reset:

1- Very Little: there’s very little that’s actually important: health, family, friends, laughter, being yourself, creating, freedom + chillin

2- Being Genuinely Happy For Others: to me, this feels really fking good. I want everyone to find great love + from the depths of my soul, I wish for all to find contentment in their hearts, even when our paths are not the same. Embrace one another.

3- I Can’t Change People: I can work to better myself + accept that everyone is doing their best. I can work on my heart + mind at anytime.

4- Expectation Isn’t Reality. I gotta meditate and surf on this more! but perception is also not reality. This, I found, I like who I am in real life way more than for work. + maybe there’s a a hybrid to mesh more of both in my upcoming endeavors.

5- Showing: the space I’ve given myself, being in nature + w all my childhood friends has shown me my capacity to love, the true love between my surfboards + I never died. I moved to NY to make my dreams come true + I picked them right back up. I hope you can give yourself this same time/space to do the same.. be gentle, be kind.

6- Go Slow: Rushing never did anything but stress all of us NY magazine editors out; for what? For an issue to hit stands like OMG!! Slow + steady, thoughtful, stillness, meaningful work, more time can work more magic.

7- this life: it’s not perfect, it’s draining, it’s gonna suck + totally f you over — and you’re gonna come out of it golden. I’m on 3 startups: LA, NY, Paris, Tokyo, Poland + no guys, sh ain’t easy - but it’s worth it. like all imp things in life. .

If I’m living proof, —- good things happen to good people. You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. You don’t have to take everyone’s advice. let go

You will have to be patient + try to help as many people as you can.

Found within the blurred lines —-there is a pursuit of greatness + to find that one last deep breath. We’ve got a big calling ahead of us ♥️

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