EP 30 - ✨All The Stars: How to Keep Shining ✨Your Light ✨when others try to dim yours


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I'm going to share three stories related to San Francisco in which three different men tried to dim my bright light.

Here's what you can do to overcome and grow//learn//love and shine!:

-Take pride in all that you do, always give 100

- Thank the haters, thank them, say thank you

- Take the high road

- Read: Dale Carnegie "How to Win Friends and Influence People"

- Read: Don Miguel Ruiz "The Four Agreements"

- Keep making decisions that propel you into the light and the right direction.

- Ignore, take the high road and learn from them.

All the Stars ✨✨✨✨ .....
when you told me I’d never make it, I smiled inside and gracefully went back to my desk.

when you didn’t give me the opportunities others in my space got, I created my own.

when you told me I should get a real day job, a was already working 15 + launched my INC at 23.

when you discriminated against me because I was an Asian female, but tried to hide that, I knew & it pushed me closer to my heritage.
when you tried to ride my coattail, and abuse my kindness, I silently knew + I handled it with grace.

when you didn’t support me through the tough times, I took notes.
If you want to be of “influence” I suggest you go back to your desk/kitchen/school/studio/creative space/inward + work smarter + harder, for 10 years ++ show us what you’re made of. Educate yourself.

when the battery dies, how valuable is your heart? How profound your work? It took me a really, really, really long time to get here + I’m still struggling to be my best self.... if you have IT—- keep shining.

Navigate through the tough times w grace + be smart— Because YOU CAN’T dim the light of those who are destined for greatness.

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