EP-31 Sister👯 Sister: Meet My Entrepreneur Big Sis, Jenni: she runs her OWN Biz in London🇬🇧


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Meet my awesome big sister, Jenni G. She's legit gangster and runs her own cycling shoppe in London: The London Bike Kitchen

She's smart as a whip, cool af, hipster, beautiful inside and out and all tatted up, and..she makes me laugh, her persona and who she is as a person is the same.. all we want to do is help ppl and laugh all day.

And while this holiday, things aren't perfect, they are pretty good this year. Sis is in her almost 10th year in the biz -- she's won awards, she's been written up in all the UK Cycling mags + she's got two shop fronts in the coolest hipster part of London -- Hackney.

She will teach us about what worked for her in launching he own small biz, the challenges she faced, the people she did and didn't get on with and how to overcome more obstacles with ease.

We also share some sister shit that you'll connect with on a deeper level. Spiritually, we are just here to be of service to others. That's it.

CA Hapa sisters from Berkley to San Diego, SF to NY and London... Tokyo to Kyushu, we've been crushing the game, but-- Jenni and I are 1- humbled by our mistakes and lessons

2- We may be "successful" but we are not rich

3- We are both still working 24/7 to make all happen -- esp paying our staff first. -- and working with integrity + community.

Listen, laugh, cry, connect -- we are both real AF and have no intent to be famous, but rather just help more people.

Love you sis and thank you xxx we are grateful xxx ck

FOLLOW sis here + Visit Her in London for Bike Workshops, Community + hipster shit and Bike Swag for Bike Tours:



Gifts here: https://lbk.org.uk/collections/online-shop/products/gift-voucher-pdf-form

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